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Our Green School


This year both our teachers and students are promoting our school to become a cleaner and more energy efficient place. This promotes our students and teachers to work together as a team. Students are getting involved to encourage recycling and being environmentally aware by saving energy around the school. To help us achieve this, Transition Years are cleaning up around the school and encouraging the use of recycling bins in the classrooms. Another way we’ve improved is by adding a compost bin outside the Home Ec. Room.


This year the school’s focus is on energy, as we are aiming to get the green flag for energy, with new censored lights that turn off when a room is empty to help save energy around the school. Signs have also been placed around classrooms by TY’s encouraging students to turn off lights, projectors etc. when they are not in use. We also encourage students to ensure that computers are switched off in the computer room and any other rooms that may have computers at end of the day or when not in use, as well as any machinery and other electronic products in various rooms such as the staff room and metalwork room. Another way we’re promoting energy saving is by keeping doors around the school and blinds closed around the school coming up to winter to keep heat in, meaning we won’t have to use so much energy on heating. We hope you can help our school to save the environment and become a greener place!

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1st Year Quiz

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