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Principal's Address



I am delighted to present our Prospectus providing you an opportunity to see what is on offer in St. Clare’s College; both in our curriculum and also in the many different activities that take place inside and outside the classroom.


We are a diocesan co-educational secondary school and we remain committed to the founding vision of the Sisters of St. Clare, “to bring service to the community”. Our mission statement reflects our ethos “to provide quality teaching and learning within a caring climate of mutual respect and in accordance with the teachings and values of the Catholic Church, to impart to our students confidence, skills, spiritual awareness and knowledge to help them achieve peace in their lives”


St. Clare’s College has a vibrant, friendly and welcoming environment. We have a dedicated and enthusiastic staff who are committed to ensuring that students develop and achieve their potential. There is a wide range of extracurricular and co- curricular activities, which enhances the holistic development of our students. Our Wellbeing Programme guides students in learning the knowledge, attitudes and skills to protect and promote their own wellbeing and that of others. As we continue to live through the Covid 19 pandemic, I am proud that our school operates safely and that our curriculum is delivered to our students. Microsoft Teams is our online platform. Our curriculum offers a Transition Year Programme, L.C.A. Programme and L.C.V.P. along with the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate. We also have a moderate learning class. Our newly developed sports’ field with running track is much a welcome amenity for our students.


It is always a source of joy to celebrate the many successes of our students. We take pride in the excellent results of our Leaving Certificate students and wish them continued success in their future careers. School begins at 9am and we ask for the co-operation of parents and guardians on the issue of punctuality. Good attendance is vital in achieving the best learning outcomes.


Moving to secondary school is an exciting time for students, it is a time of new opportunity. Our Year Head team, Form Teachers, Guidance Counsellor, Student Council and Prefects and Mentors have important roles in helping new students settle into St. Clare’s.



Teresa Donnellan,
School Principal.

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