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Outdoor Pursuits - Gardening.


Aim; To provide an educational opportunity to experience various aspects of the horticulture discipline through both a theory-based, and a practical “Hands-on” approach. This module is taught along Organic and Permaculture Principles. Therefore the material presented is concerned  with issues such as sustainability, food security, and  self-resilience, – and very much takes  all environmental issues into account. We strive to teach students how to produce food locally and in season, while caring for the Earth.

Resources;  We are very privileged to have a poly-tunnel at our disposal. The class-room is used quite a bit when the weather is inclement, and to do the introductory lessons. Our selection  of tools are simple but effective. There is a concerted effort to keep costs to a minimum, and to demonstrate in a practical way how to re-use and recycle in the garden (e.g. using containers from canteen for seed-trays etc., using old pallets to make compost –bins etc.)

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